How we work and what you get

We support you to increase efficiency, reduce adaption time and smooth teamwork for your agile teams, projects and transformations to become an organisation who is able to really act agile. To achieve this we combine our expertise from agile coaching experts with modern and playful training methods derived from organisational development, improvisational theatre and storytelling.


Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next agility level. We are a team of improv and organizational development professionals with a passion for teamwork and applied improvisation. 
Stefan Kollmeier
Stefan Kollmeier

Founder, Facilitator, Improviser

Specialist for Digital culture and transformation, Facilitator, Trainer for applied improvisation

Ralf Wetzel
Ralf Wetzel

Associate Professor for Organisation & Applied Arts

Specialist for Changemanagement 2.0, Management Clown, Leadership Dance, Organizational Development

David Zöllner
David Zöllner

Founder, Trainer, Improviser

Specialist for Corporate Training, Improviser, Applied Improv Coach


In order to boost your agility and help you grow your business, we support you you in the following areas:
For teams and companies
Are you a team leader, team member or business owner? We offer workshops and consulting for businesses and teams to create agile experiences and mindsets.
For facilitators
Are you an agile facilitator, coach or professional? We support you and your projects in offering new experiences for your team – together with you! And we equip you with tools and excercises you can use to continuously to strengthen the agile mindset of your team.
For agile consultancies
Are you a company providing agile consultancy to your clients? With Acting Agile, you can offer your clients an additional and innovative method to drive their agile mindset and adoption forward.