We help companies and teams keep catching up with fast changing markets and customer needs. We do this by supporting teams to improve their collaboration, trust and capability to adapt to change – especially but not only – while working in agile or hybrid environments.

We support you to increase efficiency, reduce adaption time and smooth teamwork for your agile teams, projects and transformations to become an organisation who are able to really act agile.

How you can benefit:

  • We provide you with tools and a mindset that enables you to react faster to change of your markets and customer needs.
  • We support you to increase efficiency, reduce adaption time and smooth collaboration for your agile teams and projects.
  • We help you create human centric solutions and innovations in a structured process.
  • We supply you with tools to foster a digital mindset and corporate culture.

To achieve this we combine the expertise from agile coaching experts, UX/service designers, Design Thinking facilitators and organisational developers with modern and playful training methods derived from improvisational theatre and storytelling.

Our method:

(with the power of improvisation)

We start with the power of improvisation to take a look the individual constraints that seem to limit us and explore what we can gain if we go beyond our comfort zone and how agile one can behave without too many constraints.

For this, we use the toolbox of exercises and principles successfully implemented in improvisational theatre classes over decades to enable creativity and the ability to adapt to change.

Step 2: TRUST
(which enables mutual collaboration)

We focus on trust, teamplay and collaboration to establish an atmosphere of respect, shared intentionality and a positive attitude towards risk and failure as a team to be able to act as a team and in an agile way.

Step 3: ACT
(and try-out in safe environments to prepare for real-life application)

In roleplays and other exercises, we create realistic scenarios to apply our new skills in a safe environment. This provides security and self-confidence of the participants and eases the transfer to the real life to be able to confidently act agile every day. In this step we use our expertise with improv, theatre and storytelling.

Contact us for more information: actnow@acting-agile.com